You are currently viewing 2022 Best report to develop for MIS all-new Tally Prime Pivot Report.

2022 Best report to develop for MIS all-new Tally Prime Pivot Report.

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We shall talk about Tally Prime Pivot in this article. Everyone has heard of the Excel pivot, but less people are familiar with the Tally Pivot report.

With the use of a new Tally tool, we can download the sales register in comprehensive format, which we can then use to create a pivot table. This Tally Prime All-in-One report includes voucher and item information as well as Ledger and GST information as well as shipment and order information. This allows us to develop pivot tables in Excel that meet our needs since it contains all the fields in both vertical and horizontal format. The finest Tally Prime feature for producing an all-in-one Tally Prime report is this one.

How to use Tally Prime Pivot Report:

  • From Tally main screen – Goto Display – Account Books – Sales Register – Open sales Register in Voucher form (List of All Vouchers)
  • After open sales register change period as per your required date.
  • Press Export (Alt+E)
  • Click on Current (Ctrl+E)
Tally Prime Pivot
  • Click on Configure
Tally Prime Pivot
  • Click on Show More
Tally Prime Pivot
  • Then set Export for pivot Table -Yes
  • Also can change starting options to Yes for details format
  • Follow below image
Tally Prime Pivot
  • Also set export format to Excel and locate folder path in next options.
  • After setting all things back to export menu by pressing ESC key
  • Click on Send button to export in Excel
Tally Prime Pivot
  • Now your Tally Pivot report will be exported as pivot table format and then you can make reports with excel pivot.
  • See the below video to how to create pivot table in excel

Video to How to create pivot table in excel with Tally Pivot report:

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Watch above video to learn :

  • How to generate Tally Pivot report for MIS.
  • How to create pivot table in Excel .
  • More TDL files and Tally help videos on youtube/learnwell

All in one Tally Prime Report:

Following the creation of these reports, you may get anything from Tally Prime and produce ideal MIS reports. The same thing is applicable to the purchase register. This all-in-one Tally Prime report, Tally Pivot option, will not be supported by the Credit Note and Debit Note register. Check additional Yes/No choices as well for flawless reporting.