You are currently viewing Satellite connectivity in iPhone 14 | New iPhone 14 features impressive or not | Upcoming iPhone-14 Satellite feature

Satellite connectivity in iPhone 14 | New iPhone 14 features impressive or not | Upcoming iPhone-14 Satellite feature

The date of Apple’s “Far Out” event is set for September 7. This will see the introduction of the iPhone-14 series. There are a lot of stories and leaks concerning this functionality. In such a scenario, it is asserted in a recent report that the iPhone 14 will support satellite communication.

Users will be able to make calls and send messages even when there is no cellular service with this assistance. Customers will find this function to be very useful, especially in times of need. This allows Apple to include the “Emergency Message Via Contacts” function in their products, enabling consumers to contact emergency services even if there is no cellular network.

Apple Iphone 14

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Satellite communications advisor Tim Farrar gave information about iPhone 14:

Tim Farrar, a satellite communication expert at a US-based business, posted this information on his Twitter page. Elon Musk’s SpaceX and T-Mobile teamed up on August 25 to try to connect mobile devices to a network of satellites in order to improve connection even in small towns and villages.

How to get satellite connection:

To use the satellite network, powerful gear will be needed. In addition to this, it has a high price. However, there will be certain restrictions on the satellite communication capability. For instance, it can take a minute or two for the signal to be sent from it.

To use the LEO satellite communication functionality, you must be outside under a clear sky. You will be able to send SOS distress signals and brief emergency SMS using this capability.

Globalstar acquires 17 satellites for satellite connectivity:

According to Farrar, the T-Mobile and SpaceX satellites were launched in anticipation of the iPhone 14’s satellite networking functionality. This function is being launched by Apple in collaboration with Globestar, a significant US satellite provider. Globalstar said earlier this year that it has purchased 17 satellites to provide its clients satellite connection.

The report of satellite connectivity has also arrived in April:

It’s interesting to note that discussions about Apple’s advancements for the iPhone 14 series have previously brought up satellite connectivity. There have also been claims of the iPhone 14 having satellite connectivity in April.

Users of the iPhone 14 will be able to connect to satellite networks during crises in distant locations, according to renowned tech writer Mark Gurman. The iPhone 13 is anticipated to be the first device to have this capability. According to several sources, the iPhone 14 will include an emergency feature that would let users send a text message when cellular connectivity is unavailable.

Can a common person in India buy a satellite phone?:

In India, the average person may buy a satellite phone. The Inmarsat iSatphone 2 is available for around Rs 70,000. Incoming and outgoing calls cost Rs 35/minute for non-government customers, while roaming calls cost Rs 260/minute.

Licensing Process for Satellite Phones:

Users will need to get a No Objection Certificate in order to use such a phone (NOC). In order to do this, a certain application format (Annexure-A and Annexure-1) containing information such name, address, and details must be given to the Department of Telecommunications (DoT). You may use a satellite phone if you have authorization from us.

What are the rules regarding satellite phones in India:

  • According to a government of India recommendation, Section 6 of the Indian Wireless Act and Section 20 of the Indian Telegraph Act both forbid the use of Thuraya/Iridium satellite phones in India.
  • Visitors and tourists must notify the Indian government if they use satellite phones while in India. It will also require permission and a licence to operate. If they don’t, they risk having legal action taken against them.
  • According to Indian legislation, anyone detected in the country using an unlicensed satellite phone may face charges. Indian law enforcement officials will seize all unlawful phones that individual is in possession of.
  • All travellers and tourists to India are urged to follow local laws and not to bring or use a satellite phone if they have any.

So let’s check iPhone 14 Launching and how can use satellite feature of it.

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