You are currently viewing Powerful Liz Truss become Britain’s third female prime minister after defeating Indian-born Rishi Sunak; during her reign, Queen Elizabeth will swear in the country’s fifteenth prime minister.

Powerful Liz Truss become Britain’s third female prime minister after defeating Indian-born Rishi Sunak; during her reign, Queen Elizabeth will swear in the country’s fifteenth prime minister.

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Liz Truss, a 47-year-old British politician, will take over as prime minister. Sunak, an Indian-born sage, was vanquished by him. Liz the right wing will take Boris Johnson’s place. In British politics, Liz is regarded as a firebrand figurehead. After the results were announced, Liz remarked about Sunak, “I am fortunate that my party has leaders with such deep understanding.” Thank you to my family and friends as well.

The third female prime minister will be Liz. Before him, Theresa May and Margaret Thatcher also held this office. Liz views Margaret Thatcher as an inspiration.

Liz received praise from the prime minister for her triumph. Said- I am sure that India-UK relations will be strengthened under your leadership. A strategic alliance will be formed between the two nations.

Who got how many votes:

Ledge Truss : 81,326
Rishi Sunak : 60,399
Total votes were: 172,437
Total Voting : 82.6%
Votes Rejected: 654

Truss could not achieve unilateral victory, least party members got votes in 21 years:

The media and polls predicted that Liz would triumph handily. The picture changed after the results were revealed. Liz is the first newly elected British prime minister since 2001 to receive fewer than 60% of the vote. 57% of the party members voted for Liz. Boris Johnson received 66.4% of the vote when he was elected prime minister in 2019. In 2005, David Cameron received 67.6% of the vote, compared to Duncan Smith’s 60.7% in 2001. Theresa May never needed the membership ballot because Andrea Leadsom, the other candidate, gave up after the first round.

Liz portrayed Margaret Thatcher, the previous prime minister, in a school performance when she was 7 years old. Thatcher was Liz’s hero and the “iron woman.” In an interview, Liz’s brother said that he has had a great dislike of losing since he was a little child. I remember that when we used to play in childhood, they used to run away from the middle of the game so that they should not lose anywhere. Age, nevertheless, helped him get over his flaws.

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Kissing Ceremony and oath of new PM on Tuesday i.e. 6th September:

  • Johnson will make his final speech as prime minister on Tuesday, September 6 at PM House, 10 Downing Street. After that, he will go to Scotland’s Aberdeenshire to deliver his letter of resignation to the monarch. Queen Elizabeth is present at this time. Johnson and Liz will both attend see the 96-year-old Queen since she has problems walking. This work is often done at Buckingham Palace.
  • When will Johnson present the Queen with his resignation? Liz will next encounter Queen. This gathering is customarily known as the “Kissing Hands” Ceremony. The event will be symbolic this time around because to the queen’s frail health. The swearing-in event will be held at Scotland’s Balmoral Castle.
  • After her official appointment is announced, the new PM Liz will leave for London once more. Here is his inaugural address from 10 Downing Street.
  • Prime Minister Liz will choose her cabinet after making a statement at roughly 4 p.m., according to London time. On a zoom call, the Queen will appoint the ministers and deliver the oath. The process of presenting the Ministers with the “Seal or Seal” will be finished by their Head of the Department.
  • On Wednesday, the new cabinet will hold its inaugural meeting (September 7). Prime Minister Liz will then make her first appearance in the House (House of Commons).

Liz Hate to lose:

According to the brother, Liz hates defeat. As a child, she used to run away from the game.

  • 1975 : Born in Oxford
  • 1975 : Family shifted to Paisley
  • 1994: He openly opposed the British monarchy

In all five rounds of voting for Conservative Party MPs, Sunak defeated Liz Truss. But the final decision is taken by 160000 registered members of this party. In this, Liz Truss. Even Boris Johnson was not in Sunak’s favour.

Liz Truss:

  • Age : 47 Years
  • Birth place : Oxford
  • Residence: London and Norfolk
  • Education : Roundhay School, Oxford University
  • Parliamentary area : South West Norfolk