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Your face will be the boarding pass at the airport

Digiyatra‘ app launched for air travelers, facial recognition system will identify you.

Delhi and Bengaluru airports have launched an app ‘Digiyatra‘ for facial recognition (FR) of domestic passengers. With the launch of this app, now passengers will get rid of the hassles of entry at the airport. The beta version of the app has just been launched and soon it can be offered at full scale.

According to Delhi International Airport Limited, with the help of this app, the entry of passengers will be done at all the checkpoints on the basis of facial recognition. Airport entry, security check and boarding gate will be done at all three places from the app itself. At Delhi Airport, it has been started for domestic passengers at T3 terminal.

Now Android users will get the facility:

Now Android users will get the facility
At the same time, Bengaluru International Airport Limited (BIAL) said in a statement that the beta version of this app has been tested on Vistara and Air Asia flights. The beta version of Digiyatra app is available on Playstore for Android OS. The app will also be available on Apple’s iOS platform over the next few weeks. It has not been made mandatory to use the Digiyatra app as of now, passengers who want to use it can download it.

Now the use of the app will be optional:

Passengers will have to provide Aadhaar details for registration. Apart from this, they will be required to upload a selfie with information about the covid-19 vaccination.

What is Facial Recognition System?:

This is a biometric system that identifies a person by the combination of his face, eyes, mouth. In this, all the elements of the face, especially the eyes and mouth, are read. Then a 3D image of the face is created and saved in the database for identification. This technique was invented by a team of American scientists. It featured Woody Bledsoe, Helen Chan Woolf and Charles Bison.

How does the FR system work?:

  • As soon as you book your ticket for air travel from any airlines, at the same time the information related to your travel will reach the agencies stationed at the airport.
  • As soon as you reach the terminal gate of the airport, the face recognition camera installed there will recognize your face. Once your identity is confirmed, a screen fitted with the camera will display your photo, ID and all travel related information.
  • During this time, the security officer posted at the gate will neither have to show his/her air ticket nor need to show the identity card.
  • Like the terminal gate, there will be face recognition cameras at the check-in counter, security check-in point and boarding gate. As soon as you arrive at the check-in counter, the face recognition camera will provide all the information related to you to the airline personnel.
  • The Online Boarding Pass will be delivered to your mobile as soon as the airline staff check-in you. Your travel details and identity will be ensured through the security check and also at the boarding gate with the face recognition camera.

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