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Data Analysis Tally Prime | Best Reports of Tally Prime | Generate Important reports without TDL

Friends we all use Tally because of it’s simplicity and powerful reporting system. With Tally we can do our accounting easily. Tally have lots of reporting system that we use on daily basis. But some reports we generate via TDL Files, and we don’t know that Tally already have this type reports. So Today I have something special for your reporting systems and MIS .Today I have Data Analysis system of Tally that can fulfill your lots of MIS requirements. Data Analysis facilitates is conducting internal analysis and verification of the company’s financial data. Data Analysis will help in identifying exceptional areas and thereby ease the process of verification. With the help of Data analysis we can create our important MIS reports also.

Data Analysis facilities have both Tally Prime and Tally ERP9. But in Tally Prime have more features with easy to use modules. So in this post you will read about Tally Prime Data Analysis.

How to view Data Analysis Report in Tally Prime:

There is two methods to find data analysis reports:

  1. Gateway of Tally > Display More Reports > Analysis & Verification > Data Analysis.

2. Alternatively, press Alt+G (Go To) > type or select Data Analysis Reports > and press Enter

Various tools are available in Data analysis section of Tally Prime that can be use for various purpose. Follow below sections/tab of Tally to know more:

  1. Verification of Chart of Accounts
  2. Verification of Stock Items
  3. Verification of Balances
  4. Analytical Procedures
  5. Pending Documents
  6. Periodic Payments and Receipts
  7. Repeated Transactions
  8. Relative Size factor (RSF)
  9. Inter Bank Transactions
  10. Cash Withdrawals/ Deposits to Bank
  11. Fixed Assets Analysis
  12. Transaction on holiday
  13. Highest and Lowest Value Transactions
  14. Pending Advances
  15. Stale Cheque /Instruments

(Please watch the above video to see another use of Data Analysis Facility of Tally Pirme and how to use other options and buttons of Data Analysis Facility of Tally Pirme.)

  • Verification of Chart of Accounts – Drill down into this report will help to scrutinize the Chart of Accounts and compare this with previous year Chart of Accounts and suggest the necessary corrections if required.
  • Verification of Stock Items – Drill down into this report will help to scrutinize various Stock Items and compare the Stock Items list with the previous year. This will help in taking necessary decisions and provide necessary corrections.
  • Verification of Balances – Drill down into this report will help to scrutinize the difference in Opening Balances and transaction details during the selected year and suggest necessary corrections based on the exceptions highlighted. The user can also generate the ledger wise variance report for the Closing Balances.
  • Analytical Procedures – This report can be used to analyse the data based on various parameters (e.g. Group, Cost Centre etc.) by a detailed comparison mechanism available. The user can take of note areas where more attention is required.
  • Pending Documents – This report will display all the Pending Bills, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Receivables & Payables during the analysis year.
  • Periodic Payments and Receipts – This report provides the list of recurring Ledger Vouchers based on the Periodic Ledgers identified by the users.
  • Repeated Transactions – Drill down into this report will display the transactions for which the same amount is repeated more than once for each Ledger during the analysis year. The user can use this report to check the intentional errors while passing the entries.
  • Relative Size factor (RSF) – Drill down into this report will display the Relative Size Factor for each Ledger Voucher which is arrived by dividing the highest Voucher amount to the second-highest Voucher amount for the Ledger Vouchers.
  • Inter Bank Transactions – This report will display all the transactions carried out between the Banks during the analysis period
  • Cash Withdrawals/ Deposits to Bank – Drill down to this report will display the bank ledgers from which the cash is withdrawn or deposits are made. This report also displays the Total Amount of transaction and the Number of vouchers through which the withdrawal or deposits are made during the selected year.
  • Fixed Assets Analysis – This report provides the details of all the Fixed Assets possessed by the selected Company at the end of the analysis Year.
  • Transaction on holiday – Drill down to this report displays all the transactions recorded on Weekly Off or Declared Holidays in the analysis year.
  • Highest and Lowest Value Transactions – This report provides ledger wise Highest and Lowest value transactions carried out during the selected period along with Difference Range and Difference Range Percentage details.
  • Pending Advances – Drill down to this report will display the ledgers for which the advances made (Loan given) are pending during the analysis year.
  • Stale Cheque /Instruments – Drill down to this report will display the Bank Ledgers with stale cheque/ Instruments. This report also displays the Total amount and count of stale cheques/ Instruments.

Also can use another buttons like, Basic of Value, Change View, Exception Reports etc. from side bar buttons of Tally to generate more type detailed reports.

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