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Receipt Modes in Sales Voucher | POS invoice module in Sales Voucher |2022 Best Free Tally Prime TDL

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If we use Tally, can do lot’s of things for accounting and reporting. And in Tally have POS (Point of Sale) invoicing features also, that is an amazing feature. In POS invoicing we can describe Payment or Receipt Modes and there amount that help us to maintain outstanding of customers or cash billing. But this unique feature not find in normal Sales vouchers. So in this Tally Prime TDL we will add Receipt modes in normal sales vouchers like POS Invoice. With this Tally TDL we can add Receipt modes in Sales Voucher and also can create Receipt mode types.With this Free Tally Prime TDL, Now we can add receipt modes in Sales voucher that will help to remember payments by customer and help in collect outstanding. This works like POS Sales Invoice.

  •  Copy Below TDL Code and make a Text file
  • Load in Tally ERP9 or in Tally Prime (Method provided below)
  • Now go for Sales Invoice – Click on Receipt Modes provided in Side toolbar button
  • Create Receipt Modes type – like google paye, cash , etc.
  • Now Create Invoice and select receipt modes in Invoice and Fill there amounts.

This is best free TDL to have in your Tally . Must have TDL file for Tally ERP9 and Tally Prime that can use for lifetime. This free TDL Code will perfectly work with Tally Prime.

  [#Form: Sales Color]
        Add :  Part : At End  :LearnwellReceiptMode
    [Part :LearnwellReceiptMode]
        Line         :LearnwellRCPLine, LearnwellRCPLineDtl
        Bottom Line : LearnwellRCPLineTotal
        Total        : LearnwellRCPLineTotalDtl
        Height        : 25% Page
        Repeat         : LearnwellRCPLineDtl : LWRecMode
        BreakOn     : $$IsEndofList:$LWRecModes
        Vertical    : Yes
        Scroll      : Vertical
        Invisible    : Not @@IsSales

        [Line :LearnwellRCPLine]
            Fields : LearnwellRecFldTtl, LearnwellRecFldDtl
             Border        : Thin Bottom         
            [Field : LearnwellRecFldTtl]
                Use            : Name Field
                Set As        : "Payment Mode "
                Skip        : Yes
                Width         : 10% Page
                Space Left    : 1% Page

            [Field : LearnwellRecFldDtl]
                Use            : Name Field
                Set As        : "Amount"
                Skip        : Yes
                Width         : 7% Page

        [Line : LearnwellRCPLineDtl]
            Fields : LearnwellRecFldDtl1, LearnwellRCPLineTotalDtl

            [Field : LearnwellRecFldDtl1]
                Use            : Name Field
                Storage     : LWRecModes
                Set As        : $LWRecModes
                Table        : RecModes
                ShowTable    : Always
                Key            : RecModes
                Width         : 10% Page
            [Field : LearnwellRCPLineTotalDtl]
                Use            : Amount Field
                Storage        : LWRecModemt
                Set As        : $LWRecModemt
                Set Always    : Yes
                Width         : 7% Page
                Inactive    : $$IsEndofList:$LWRecModes
                Skip        : If $$IsEndofList:$LWRecModes Then Yes Else No
                Border        : Thin Bottom
                Validate    : Not $$IsEmpty:$LWRecModemt

        [Line : LearnwellRCPLineTotal]
            Fields       : InvLearnwellrec1, InvLearnwellrec2
            [Field : InvLearnwellrec1]
                Use            : Medium Prompt
                Set As        : "TOTAL : "
                Width         : 10% Page
                Space Left    : 1% Page
                Style        : Large Bold
            [Field : InvLearnwellrec2]
                Use            : Amount Field
                Width         : 7% Page
                Set As        : $$Total:LearnwellRCPLineTotalDtl
                Style        : Large Bold
                Set Always    : Yes
                ReadOnly     : Yes
                Control        : InvLearnwellrectotalcont : If $Amount = #InvLearnwellrec2 then No Else Yes
                Border        : Thin Bottom


[Button :CreateRecMode]
Key : Ctrl+M
Title : "Receipt Modes"
Action :Alter:RecModes
[#Form         :    Voucher]
    Add:Button:At End:CreateRecMode

[Report    : RecModes]
    Form    : RecModes
    Object    : Company
    Title    : "Receipt Mode"

[Form    : RecModes]
    FullHeight    : Yes
    Part        : RecModes

    [Part    : RecModes]
        Line    : RecModesMTLn, RecModesMLn
        Repeat    : RecModesMLn : RecModes
        BreakOn : $$IsEmpty:$RecModes
        Scroll    : Vertical

        [Line    : RecModesMTLn]
            Border    : Column Titles
            Field    : RecModesMTFld

            [Field    : RecModesMTFld]
                Use        : Name Field
                Set As    : "Payment Mode"
                Align    : Center

        [Line    : RecModesMLn]
            Field    : RecModesMFld

            [Field    : RecModesMFld]
                Use        : Name Field
                Storage    : RecModes
                Scroll  : Vertical

[Key : RecModes]
    Key     : Alt+C
    Action     : Alter : RecModes

    [Collection    : RecModes]
            Type    : RecModes : Company
            ChildOf    : ##SVCurrentCompany
            Format    : $RecModes, 15,
             Collection : EndofList
            Title    : "Payment Mode"
    [Collection    : LWRecModes]
            Compute    : CLWRecModes     : $LWRecModes
            Compute    : CLWRecModemt  : $LWRecModemt
            Format    : $LWRecModes
            Format    : $LWRecModemt
    [System : UDF]
        RecModes                  : String : 3824
        LWRecModes            : String : 3825
        LWRecModemt        : Amount : 3826
		LWRecMode    : Aggregate : 3827
Watch above video to learn :
  • How to add Receipt Modes Master
  • How to add Receipt Modes in Sales Vouchers
  1. Copy TDL code and make text file
  2. Save text file in your computer
  3. Copy the text file path including Name and extension (as – C:\Users\HP\Desktop\rec\Party Detail.txt)
  4. Open Tally ERP9  OR Tally Prime
  5. Press F12 and goto Product and Features (for Tally ERP9)
  6. Click on Help and click on TDL & Addon  (for Tally Prime)
  7. Press F4 (to open a Box)
  8.  Load TDL file on Startup – Yes
  9. Paste The path in blank space
  10.  Press enter and save 

Now your TDL is ready to use.

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