Cyber Attack on Password Manager App: LastPass App Hacked | Know the process of creating a strong password

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Do you also save or remember your passwords using a password management app? If so, go easy on yourself. A password manager programme that is used by more than 33 million users globally has reportedly been compromised by hackers. This application is called LastPass. The business has provided details on the app’s breach.

Although the corporation asserts that this incident did not result in the theft of any user passwords. There is hence no reason to panic. According to an inquiry, the hacker was only able to harm LastPass’ developing process. The hacker was unsuccessful in every effort to get the users’ credentials.

Users of the LastPass software may create and save complex, automatically created passwords for a variety of services, including Netflix and Gmail.

How many passwords are we using on average?:

Passwords are mostly used on cellphones by people. They utilise a dozen or more passwords every day, from unlocking the phone to accessing certain crucial apps. Additionally, people who log in using laptops also utilise their passwords.

How to create strong password:

  • Keep minimum 10 to15 characters in Password
  • Use numbers also with alphabets
  • Keep one alphabet in Capital in password
  • Use special characters like @,#,%,$ etc. in your password
  • Time to time keep change your password
  • Protect passwords with OTP

Don’t do these things when create a password:

  • Do not create simple name passwords
  • Do not use less than 8 characters in password
  • Do not use your name or birth date in password
  • Do not make password same as user name
  • Never make password by asking someone

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