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To Do Reminder List in Tally Prime | 2022 Best Free Tally Prime TDL

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Sometime in our life we forget important things and can not finish our work on time.Same things we do at business. We forget to file returns on time, We forget to collect outstanding, We forget to join important meetings, We forget to sign cheques on time, and many more things we can not do on time. To avoid this we maintain manually notes, that is not proper solution. In mostly business to maintain our books we use Tally. And in Tally we can create reminder list or Todo list to solve this problem.So today I have very special free To-Do List Tally Prime TDL for your Tally.With this To-Do Tally TDL we can maintain our to do list in Tally and can excess every time from any screen from Tally. In this we can maintain important notes about our work. We can maintain reconciliation notes about our customers.These things make it must have Tally TDL for Tally Prime.With this Free Tally Prime TDL, Now we can add To-Do List in toolbar button that will help to remember our work and help in finish works on time.

  • Copy TDL code Make a text file and save in your computer
  • Load in Tally ERP9 or in Tally Prime (Method provided below)
  • Now go to To Do button provided in toolbar section beside Goto button.
  • Open it and add important work lists with there dates.

This is best free TDL to have in your Tally . Must have TDL file for Tally ERP9 and Tally Prime that can use for lifetime. This free TDL Code will perfectly work with Tally Prime.

Watch above video to learn :
  • How to add toolbar button.
  • How to create reminder list.
[#Menu:Gateway of Tally]
Add: ToolBar Button:Before:Import Button:LearnwellToDo
Add: ToolBar Button:Before:Import Button:LearnwellToDo
Add: ToolBar Button:Before:Import Button:LearnwellToDo
[Button : LearnwellToDo]
Title : $$LocaleString:"ToDo"
Key : Ctrl + T
Action : Alter : LearnWellTodoList
    Form 	   	:LWTodo
	Object		: Company
	Parts       : LWtodoHeading,LWtodoTitle, LWtodoDetails
	Background  : Light Lily Yellow
	Width : 70 % Page
	Height : 70 % Page
	Vertical Align : Center
	Horizontal Align : Center
	Field: Name Field
	Local: Field : Name Field : Set as : " List"
	Local: Field : Name Field : Style : Large Bold
	Local: Field : Name Field : Align : Center
	Local: Field : Name Field : Full Width : Yes
	Local: Field : Name Field : Color : Blue
	Local: Field : Name Field : Inactive : $$InExportMode
	Local: Field : Name Field : Skip : Yes
	Space Bottom : 0.25 cm
[Part: LWtodoTitle]
	Lines  	 	: LWtodoTitle
	Border  	: Column Titles
    [Line: LWtodoTitle]
        Use     : LWtodoDetails
	    Local   : Field : Default                   : Style : Small Bold
	    Local   : Field : Default                   : Skip  : Yes
	    Local   : Field : Default                   : Type  : String
		Local   : Field : Default                   : Delete: Storage
		Local   : Field : Default                   : Lines : 2
		Local   : Field : LWtodowork                : Set as: "ToDo/Works"
		Local   : Field : LWstrdt	     		    : Set as: "Start Date"
		Local   : Field : LWstrdt2	     		    : Set as: "End Date"
		Local   : Field : LWtodoremark	            : Set as: "Remark"
		Local   : Field : Default                   : Delete: Inactive
[Part: LWtodoDetails]
	Line        : LWtodoDetails
	Repeat      : LWtodoDetails : LWtodoDetails
	Scroll      : Vertical
	CommonBorder: Yes
	BreakOn     : $$IsEmpty:$LWwork
    [Line: LWtodoDetails]
		Field       : LWtodowork
		Right Field : LWstrdt, LWstrdt2,LWtodoremark
		Local       : Field : Default   : Style : Small Bold
	    [Field: LWtodowork]
			Use     : Name Field 
			Storage : LWwork
			Border  : Thin Left
			Width	:80
	    [Field: LWstrdt]
			Use 	: Short Date Field
			Storage : startdate
			Border  : Thin Left
			InActive: $VCurrentlyInService or $$IsEmpty:$LWwork
	    [Field : LWstrdt2]
			Use     : Short Date Field
			Storage : enddate
			Border  : Thin Left
			Inactive: $VCurrentlyInService or $$IsEmpty:$LWwork
		[Field : LWtodoremark]
			Use     : name Field
			Storage : remarks
			Border  : Thin Left
			Inactive: $VCurrentlyInService or $$IsEmpty:$LWwork

[System: UDF]
	LWtodoDetails			:Aggregate	: 3676
	LWwork			    	: String    : 3675
	startdate		    	: Date      : 3673
	enddate			    	: Date      : 3672
	remarks					:String		: 3674
[Collection: LWtodoDetails]  
	Type 	: LWtodoDetails : Company
	Childof : ##SVCurrentCompany
	Format 	: $LWwork, 50
	Title 	: "Learnwell ToDo"

  1. Copy above TDL Code in Text Document
  2. Save Text file in your computer
  3. Copy the text file path including Name and extension (as – C:\Users\HP\Desktop\rec\Party Detail.txt)
  4. Open Tally ERP9  OR Tally Prime
  5. Press F12 and goto Product and Features (for Tally ERP9)
  6. Click on Help and click on TDL & Addon  (for Tally Prime)
  7. Press F4 (to open a Box)
  8.  Load TDL file on Startup – Yes
  9. Paste The path in blank space
  10. Press enter and save 

Now your TDL is ready to use. 

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