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Check Spelling Instantly | Spell Checking Excel VBA Code

Sometime when we create ledgers in Tally or already created lots of accounts / ledger in Tally then there is some mistakes in spelling of our ledgers. If we create wrong spelling ledgers it will impact on our customers. If want to do proper business then always check spellings of our books.

And same things will happen in presentations or any other office works. Usually that type spelling mistakes found in all our works like, Excel work, Word works etc.

So today I have something special for your projects to check spellings. With this Excel VBA code we can check any type spelling mistakes in our work.

How to create VBA code for Spelling Check:

If you want to create any Excel VBA or Excel Macro file then enable developer of excel. Then write your VBA code in excel VBA modle.

How to enable developer option of Excel:

To enable developer option of excel follow below steps:

  1. Open Excel
  2. On the File tab, go to Options Customize Ribbon.
  3. Under Customize the Ribbon and under Main Tabs, select the Developer check box.

Watch the above video to learn more.

After enabling developer tab go to developer tab in excel then click on Visual Basic. And in visual basic create a module or open the sheet by clicking on sheet name.

Paste the below VBA code in that module or in sheet name of visual basic:

VBA Code:

Sub checkspelling()
Dim sp As Range
For Each sp In ActiveSheet.UsedRange
If Not Application.checkspelling(word:=sp.Text) Then
sp.Interior.Color = vbRed
End If
Next sp
End Sub

After writing above spelling checker code in VBA module save your excel file using extension xlsb or xlsm.

And also can a macro button in sheet to use code instantly.

After doing all above things paste your data into Excel sheet and press the button or run VBA module to check all the spellings.

If you used wrong spelling it will be colored in red. Then you can change spellings in all your projects.

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