You are currently viewing DRDO will expose the terrorists: AI based software has been created, it will recognize the person walking around by changing his face and his bad photo

DRDO will expose the terrorists: AI based software has been created, it will recognize the person walking around by changing his face and his bad photo

AI based software was developed by the army’s research group, Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), which allows for the recognition of a disguised person’s face. Even from a low-quality photo, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) of this system can recognize the individual hidden behind a beard, moustache, mask, scarf, hat, or monkey cap.

AI based face detector

Defense Ministry released report:

Face Recognition System Under Disguise is the moniker of the new programme (FRSD). This was referenced in the Ministry of Defense’s most recent study, “AI in Defense.” The system’s objective is to capture terrorists and criminals who are out and about in plain sight.

The algorithm used by FRSD to identify individuals from low-resolution security footage. The human eye has no role in this. Security agencies can also use it to search for a face in their database.

Will be used at airport, railway station:

The paper claims that the AI system may be employed in congested areas including marketplaces, airports, train stations, bus stops, and airports. This makes live video surveillance possible. In addition to this, border crossing locations can also have the system implemented.

The government asserts that many cameras may be supported by the FRSD system at once. Additionally, it has the ability to detect collisions, fire, and geo-fencing. Even in low light, with shadows on the face, and amid crowds, the programme is able to identify the individual.

DRDO has already made AI system:

DRDO previously developed a surveillance AI system known as “Project Seeker.” The Indian Army itself has been responsible for its development and deployment. Internet access is not needed for the system. In remote locations and civilian residential areas, the Sikar system is deployed.

Easy to find criminals:

Through this technology, the police will be able to quickly identify crimes based on uploaded images from the media, even drawings of potential suspects. Through closed-circuit cameras, the system will identify and notify faces that are on the police’s blacklist. Mobile gadgets will be available to the security forces. They will be able to access the database through the app and recognise the faces of criminals right on their phone.

Some people expressed concern:

Privacy groups voiced their concerns about the initiative, claiming that it will turn the system into a tool for social policing and more control over particular areas. According to Apar Gupta of the Internet Freedom Foundation, India does not currently have a data privacy law and has no plans to enact one. This would imply that the plan would have no protections.

China already uses face recognition technology. It is employed in traffic management, crime prevention, and airport security. For authorities and members of law enforcement, this approach is quite helpful. Additionally, it encourages responsible behaviour. In India’s cities, crime is also rising quickly at the same time. The most current official statistics show that in 2016, there were 709.1 crimes committed per 1 lakh residents in 19 main cities. This exceeds the national average of 379.5 by a wide margin.

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