You are currently viewing 3 levels of AI | What is ANI, AGI and ASI | How Artificial intelligence will help human being

3 levels of AI | What is ANI, AGI and ASI | How Artificial intelligence will help human being

AI is making fools of itself someplace, acting intelligent as in movies; billionaires-scientists have thought about the risk:

On a February 2021 evening. San Francisco resident Mark discovered swelling in his little child’s private area. Mark took a picture of the child’s swollen area using his Android phone at the nurse’s request and forwarded it to the doctor from his wife’s iPhone. After viewing the picture, the doctor provided the infant with care, but Mark then experienced a period of difficulty.

The child’s mobile device’s private photo was uploaded to Google Cloud. Mark’s 10-year-old Google account was disabled as a result of Google’s artificial intelligence system, which accused him of “child sexual assault.”

Amazing talking machines of AI :

Chatbots are now being developed all around the world. AI-powered intelligent computers that you can communicate with via chat are called chatbots. Similar to this, audio-based intelligent devices are also being created. You may converse with these devices in a manner that is quite natural, much as you would with friends and family. The majority of the time, these devices are utilised for customer support. Numerous websites now have chatbots, which use artificial intelligence to converse with customers instead of having them phone customer service.

While engaging with customers, they gather a tonne of useful data for businesses, lower the cost of customer care, and raise the standard of service. from inventory tracking to product recommendations, it is helpful. This technology has a lot to offer e-commerce businesses and their clients. AI now plays a significant role in facilitating client shopping by assisting with product selection. The scheduling of medical care, from disease diagnosis to treatment.

3 Levels of AI:

  1. ANI : Artificial Narrow Intelligence
  2. AGI : Artificial General Intelligence
  3. ASI : Artificial Super Intelligence

ANI : Artificial Narrow Intelligence:

  • We now employ this artificial intelligence. It can only do one thing; its skills are restricted.
  • A lot of data is analysed by narrow intelligence, which then looks for patterns in the data and bases its future predictions on those patterns.
  • It now operates in accordance with the engineers’ programming and algorithms. complies with the regulations that the engineers feed it.
  • This limited intelligence is what powers our smartphones, TVs, self-driving cars, chatbots like Siri and Alexa, and picture and facial recognition software.
  • Narrow Intelligence does tasks including removing spam from emails, assisting speech recognition on mobile devices, and checking X-rays for cancer.

AGI : Artificial General Intelligence:

  • AGI will work like a human brain. It will have the ability to think, understand and act like us. Work is going on on this.
  • When a child is very young, he observes, experiences, learns from things around him, then takes different decisions in each situation.
  • Like a child, this powerful AI will also continue to learn from its experiences, making itself more advanced by increasing information and sharpening skills.
  • AGI will be able to reason. After inspecting the situation, he will be able to work according to it, even if he has to break the limits set by the engineers.
  • AGI will have consciousness of itself, common sense. She will be able to read the feelings, needs of human beings i.e. she will have the ability to understand humans.
  • The robot character Arnold Schwarzenegger has been playing in Hollywood’s Terminator film series has intelligence of the same AGI level.

ASI : Artificial Super Intelligence:

  • Machines will be able to grow more powerful and capable than humans in practically every way because ASI will have more capabilities than human brains.
  • Only science fiction presently depicts intelligence on this scale. Then, machines would be extremely strong, similar to “Chitti” in Rajinikanth’s “Robot” movie.
  • At this time, machines will likewise have sensations and be able to experience love and suffering. They will have feelings and the capacity to think, much like humans.
  • With the aid of ASI, machines may also have their own beliefs and aspirations. She will excel beyond humans in all subjects, including math, science, the arts, and sports.
  • Once machines possess these powers, it will be challenging to govern them. Because of this, they are regarded as a threat to the existence of humans.

What help is getting from AI right now:

With the aid of artificial intelligence, we can locate employment that are a good fit for our education and experience, create online news feeds, defend ourselves from cybercrime, write and edit better, and even deal with feelings of loneliness and despair.

High hopes for the future with AI:

AI will be able to cure illnesses from humans. It will be easier to discover areas to dwell on other planets outside of Earth if global warming can be reduced. According to a story in “The New Statesman,” Stanford University engineer Dr. Fei Fei thinks artificial intelligence will improve our productivity, extend our lives, and enable us to use sustainable energy.

The machine will be able to experience pain, as well as other feelings and experiences, in the same manner that we do once it reaches the level of super artificial intelligence. AI is already assisting people in overcoming their feelings of isolation and melancholy.

On the other hand, AI-equipped robots are being used in marriage ceremonies by individuals all over the world. Until last year, 4000 people in Japan alone were married to their AI companion, according to a CBC.CA story. In such a scenario, there is also a possibility of coexisting peacefully on Earth with highly intelligent robots and humans.