Excel to Tally All in One Solutions

In a business or accounting we must maintain it’s books to track our profit and loss and other reports to run all things properly. So we all need a business accounting software to maintain everything properly.

In India there is a famous software named Tally to do accounting. By entering masters and vouchers we can maintain Tally reports properly and in simple way.

In Tally we take all type entries and maintain our books with inventory and accounting vouchers. In this we take entries related to sales, purchase, debit note , credit note, payment, recieipt, Stock Journal, Bill of Material, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Rejection in, Rejection Out, Material In, Material Out, Physical Vouchers, Memorandum Vouchers, Payroll Accounting etc. along with there masters. Tally provide best solution with simple method, so everyone like Tally.

But sometime when  our business grows and entries were huge. Then can not do entries manually, so we search it’s solution and increase manpower in our company. But by increasing manpower we also increase our expenses. Increasing manpower not is a proper solution. We must need to search it’s another solution.

Sometime when our entries are so high in quantity and not possible to enter it manually, then we can use Excel to Tally software to take bulk entries in Tally to finish our work on time.

If we talk about Excel to Tally Software, there are two methods to import your Excel/CSV/Text data in to Tally is ODBC Connection Method (Direct entry posting with connectivity of ODBC) and XML method (Create XML file for Tally and Import it in Tally through Import Tag Provided in Tally). Both methods are very popular and work perfectly. But in ODBC method need less steps in comparison of XML method to import data into Tally.

In this Excel to Tally Data Import section we provide these type software:

1. Excel to Tally Accounts only
2. Excel to Tally Accounts with Inventory
3. Excel to Tally Payroll
4. Excel to Tally E-commerce
5. Excel to Tally Bank
All type Excel to Tally Import
  1. Excel to Tally Accounts Only : To do Accounting entries without Inventory. Masters and Vouchers.
  2. Excel to Tally Accounts with Inventory: To do Accounting Entries along with Inventory entries. Masters and Vouchers
  3. Excel to Tally Payroll: To do Payroll Entries. Masters and Vouchers.
  4. Excel to Tally E-Commerce: To do E-commerce platform entries. Masters and Vouchers. Direct posting method available.
  5. Excel to Tally Bank: To do bank entries with reconciliation. Direct posting method available.

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