2022 Best Tally TDL for Tally Prime and ERP9 | All in One GST TDL 2022 | GST Report TDL for All type Vouchers | Daybook GST TDL for Tally Prime

free daybook GST TDL

To making Tally more simple we use this Daybook GST Report TDL file for Tally Prime and for Tally Erp9. It is very special TDL file that can solve your GST return filling problems. This is Free TDL file for Tally to do GST work in simple way. We generate monthly or weekly reports for … Read more

3rd Richest Person – Adani | Gautam Adani become World third richest | Gautam Adani net worth and business

Gautam Adani

With a net worth of $ 137.4 billion, Indian billionaire Gautam Adani is now the third-richest businessperson in the world (about Rs 11 lakh crore). He passed French businessman Bernard Arnault to take this job. This marks the first time an Asian has been in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index’s top three. He is now only … Read more

2022 Tally Prime and Tally ERP 9 Free TDL Code to create alphabetical stock items | Create more attractive invoices by sorting stock items in alphabetical Order | Best Tally Prime TDL free code

alphabetical stock item in invoice

We may use this free Tally TDL code to generate a flawless invoice for our clients if you print an invoice from Tally but it doesn’t seem great due to a random stock item serial. Yes! We may now print invoices with alphabetically ordered items.By sorting stock items in Tally Invoice, we may create a … Read more

3 Points to Understand Artemis mission NASA | How does worth Artemis Moon mission | NASA new moon mission | Artemis 1, Artemis 2 and Artemis 3 Moon mission of NASA

moon mission

With its Artemis mission NASA, the US space agency NASA plans to return people to the moon for the first time in over 50 years. On Monday, August 29, the first action in this direction will be taken. At 6:03 p.m., Artemis-1, the mission’s first test flight, will lift off from Florida’s Space Coast. What … Read more

Full Detailed Item History TDL at Invoice Time | 2022 Best Tally Prime and Tally ERP 9 TDL for Invoicing | Sales and Purchase History TDL

item detailed history

We always need something special that solve all our problems and create all things in simple way according to our need. Same things we required when invoicing in Tally. When we select any item in Tally invoice we need to see it’s history of sales and purchase with all details. Like when this item was … Read more

Satellite connectivity in iPhone 14 | New iPhone 14 features impressive or not | Upcoming iPhone-14 Satellite feature

iPhone 14 satellite feature

The date of Apple’s “Far Out” event is set for September 7. This will see the introduction of the iPhone-14 series. There are a lot of stories and leaks concerning this functionality. In such a scenario, it is asserted in a recent report that the iPhone 14 will support satellite communication. Users will be able … Read more

2022 best Free TDL code to stop negative billing | Best free Tally Prime TDL codes | New Tally Prime TDL Codes | Controlling Negative Stock entry in a Voucher

stop negative billing tdl

Sometimes we accidentally send our clients the erroneous invoice because we either don’t have the item in stock or it has a negative value. Stock item mismatch results from this.However, we can now prohibit negative billing in both creation and alteration modes thanks to this free Tally TDL code. This Tally Prime and Tally ERP … Read more

Cyber Attack on Password Manager App: LastPass App Hacked | Know the process of creating a strong password


Do you also save or remember your passwords using a password management app? If so, go easy on yourself. A password manager programme that is used by more than 33 million users globally has reportedly been compromised by hackers. This application is called LastPass. The business has provided details on the app’s breach. Although the … Read more

See and Change Voucher Details TDL | Change anything in a Voucher List | Free Tally TDL to alter Vouchers | 2022 Best Tally Prime TDL to Alter Voucher Details

alter voucher details

Humans make mistakes by nature. We all have the potential to make mistakes in life, work, and in Tally entry. In Tally, we occasionally make incorrect entries by accident when doing accounting. Or, occasionally, we make entries and decide to modify the letter because the data is incorrect. You are in the appropriate location if … Read more

3 levels of AI | What is ANI, AGI and ASI | How Artificial intelligence will help human being

Artificial Intelligence

AI is making fools of itself someplace, acting intelligent as in movies; billionaires-scientists have thought about the risk: On a February 2021 evening. San Francisco resident Mark discovered swelling in his little child’s private area. Mark took a picture of the child’s swollen area using his Android phone at the nurse’s request and forwarded it … Read more